Remembering February 22nd, Four Years On

This Sunday will mark four years from the day when our beautiful city and its people were forever changed. We have seen, felt and learned so much since that time. We have joined the fellowship of suffering with others who have experienced loss in a community disaster. We have become stronger as we grieve and rebuild together. Kia Kaha, Christchurch, ma te Atua e manaaki.

eBook version available to pre-order on Amazon

I am delighted to announce that the electronic version of R2R is now available for pre-order on Amazon, for the introductory price of $5.99 for the first two weeks.
The release is scheduled for November 27th. Apparently the way this works is that any pre-orders are counted in the sales figures on that first day - and contribute to an instant 'spike' in popularity - which puts it further up search lists, which in turn ensures more publicity and more chance that others might get to hear about it.... You get the gist.

Can I invite you to consider placing a pre-order, with the goal of generating a groundswell of interest. And I am unashamed in asking you to advertise, re-post, share, blog, whatever you feel comfortable with doing, so that the news of the book can get out there - beyond church circles, beyond Christchurch, beyond New Zealand shores.

Buy from Amazon...

CTV Interview posted online

An edited copy of the interview which featured on CTV's "Canterbury Live" show on July 30th is now available online. Huge thanks to Raymond Kennard, video designer from Red5, who prepared the clip for posting. (It contains just the Rubble to Resurrection interview, not the other content from that show.) Thank you also to CTV for giving permission to post the clip.

CTV Interview July 30 2014 with Rubble to Resurrection Author