A highly commendable account

This review first appeared in the February 2015 issue of the NZ Christian Writer magazine

Rubble to Resurrection is an excellent over-view of how churches throughout greater Christchurch pitched in to help with the aftermath of the 2011 earthquake and the aftershocks that followed. Of particular note is the excellent research that has gone into compiling the stories told in each chapter. This involved personally interviewing 56 priests, ministers, pastors, secretaries and administrators representing over 95 churches of various denominations, demographics and ethnicities. Also noteworthy is Melissa's attention to detail in acknowledging her sources of information in footnotes and appendices. She has also provided additional information at the end of several chapters.

While Melissa does not claim to have provided an exhaustive summary of every-thing each church did, she has achieved her primary goal which is to 'tell our stories to each other...' As many of the churches responded in similar ways or worked together to meet the needs of people, she has focused on a theme in each chapter, rather than on individual denominations. Some of the themes include: Responding to the Emergency; Walking with the Wounded; Caring for the Kids; Supporting the Seniors; Encouraging the Weary; Restoring the Soul.

Well written and interesting, Rubble to Resurrection is a highly commendable book every New Zealander should read.
Reviewer: Debbie McDermott, Editor for New Zealand Christian Writers