• The book's title is drawn from an art installation hosted at St Barnabas' Anglican Church, Fendalton in April 2011. This 'interactive, multi-media journey into the heart of Easter' was co-created by Megan Blakie and Vicki Sharman, assisted by a team of creative people from the parish.
  • The stories featured in Rubble to Resurrection were collected by surveying around 220 churches between August 2012 and December 2013. From this, 95 replies were received, with at least one from nearly every denomination present in the greater Christchurch area.
  • In addition, 50 face to face and skype interviews were conducted with 56 individuals and couples, representing 18 different denominations. The various denominational magazines and websites were consulted for information and other informal conversations with church folk took place.
  • Draft extracts were then sent to the churches and individuals mentioned, in order to ensure accuracy of fact and interpretation. Melissa is deeply grateful all the priests, ministers and pastors, church secretaries and administrators who took the time to complete the survey, give an interview or check an extract. Without their co-operation, Rubble to Resurrection simply would not exist.


Bell Tower from St John's Latimer Square

Full lists of the 95 participating churches and 56 interviewees are gratefully included here:

Participating Churches...

Participating Interviewees...