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In Memoriam

Prologue - The Earth Groans

Part One – The Church Responds

  1. Responding to the Emergency
  2. Distributing Essential Supplies
  3. Establishing Response and Recovery Centres
  4. Offering Pastoral Care
  5. Assisting the International Community
  6. Caring for the Kids
  7. Supporting the Seniors
  8. Praying for the City
  9. Providing Psychosocial Support
  10. Working Together

Part Two – The Church Grieves

  1. Mourning Lost Loved Ones
  2. Grieving Lost Worship Spaces
  3. Enduring the Insurance Blues
  4. Functioning in 'The New Normal'
  5. Encouraging the Weary
  6. Walking with the Wounded
  7. Making Sense of the Unthinkable

Part Three – The Church Rebuilds

  1. Restoring the Soul
  2. Strengthening Communities
  3. Assisting the Rebuild
  4. Planning Intelligently
  5. Sensing the Spiritual Climate
  6. Passing on Our Learnings

Afterword & Call to Prayer
Appendices (In Remembrance, Participating Churches, List of Interviewees, Thanks to Out-of-Town Churches, With Sincere Thanks)