Hidden Gems

In the midst of all the earthquake books recently published, Christchurch writer, Melissa Parsons, saw a gap. No one was telling the story of the experience of the churches or their involvement in the emergency response and community care. As she searched for someone to tell the story, the realisation dawned that she must do it herself. This is not the story of any one denomination or church group. It is a combined story and is well organised in three sections: the Church Responds, the Church Grieves, and the Church Rebuilds. Told with sensitivity and compassion and written with skill the result is a readable account of a terrible time.
Some of the Canterbury earthquake stories are well known. For some of the hidden gems from people who do not seek publicity, I highly recommend this book. - Lois Farrow, Christian Writers Guild, Christchurch.

Treasure trove of information

"What a brilliant read! It is so good to see in print what the churches were up to. Every paragraph is a treasure trove of information. Also it is fast-paced, with not too much or too little about each topic and it kept my interest right throughout. I think you selected your info well too, because at the end I didn't come away thinking anything significant was missing."
- Dave Palmer, NZ Christian Writers' Guild, Christchurch branch.

An inspiring account

"I read Rubble to Resurrection from cover to cover over the weekend.
This is an inspiring account of the churches response to their own communities and the compassion of those from far afield who were urged to respond in meaningful and appropriate ways to help the people in our region in their need. The book is easy to read and the breadth of comment across denominations and ethnic communities is a pleasure to see.
My congratulations and I hope that many others will be inspired by what has not been mentioned much in the media."
- Diana Shakespeare, Workplace Support.